Individuals interested in accessing services through AWE should first attend an orientation. Orientations occur on the second and fourth Monday of each month and begin promptly at 9am. Time permitting, an individual intake will be conducted immediately following the orientation for anyone interested in becoming a member of AWE. Email to confirm your attendance at an orientation.

Housing: AWE provides emergency and transitional housing to asylum seekers, with priority given to women and children. Ineligible for public assistance and unable to work during the initial stages of the asylum process, asylum seekers are often unable to secure safe and stable housing on their own. AWE housing provides more than just a bed and shelter – it provides a home.

We are not a shelter.  Housing is arranged for each woman based upon her needs and availablitiy.  Eligibility requirements are that you live in the Baltimore/DC area, you are still awaiting an asylum decision, and you are, at least, 18 years of age.  WE CANNOT PROVIDE HOUSING TO YOU PRIOR TO THE APPLICATION AND SCREENING PROCESS.  

Community Day Program:  Monday - Thursday, 10-2:30 we offer hospitality, English as a Second Language, job readiness, and wellness classes and activities. A hot lunch is provided to participants at noon each day. To participate in the day program you must first attend a program orientation. While many of our services are geared toward asylum seekers, the day program is open to refugees and other immigrants.

Medical Care:In partnership with Healthcare for the Homeless, medical services are offered through the mobile clinic every Monday and every other Wednesday. Primary care, referral for speciality and prescription coverage are available through the mobile clinic for AWE participants.

Mental Health Care: In partnership with Intercultural Counseling Connection, individual and group counseling services are offered on-site and in the community through a network of specially training pro bono therapists. Services are culturally responsive and provided in the participants native language at no cost.  

Material Support: Participants may access the food pantry on Monday and Thursday from 2:30-3pm and the clothing closet on Wednesday from 2:30-3pm. Diapers and baby gear is available through the Asylee Advocate.

Community: The asylum process is long and lonely. Many asylum seekers have limited family support in the United States. We offer companionship as asylum seekers begin to heal from past trauma and journey through the long immigration process.

If you are a service provider or attorney and are seeking housing or services for a client please email us at to discuss our intake process.