Housing: AWE provides transitional housing to women seeking asylum. Housing is one of the biggest obstacles for women seeking asylum. In order to be able to rebuild their lives and their spirit we all must have a safe and nurturing home. AWE housing provides more than just a bed and shelter – it provides a home. A place to lay your head and your worries. A place to be safe and to feel empowered to move forward with your life.

We are not a shelter.  Housing is arranged for each woman based upon her needs and availablitiy.  If you are an asylum seeker and in need of housing please contact us. Eligibility requirements are that you live in the Baltimore/DC area, you are still awaiting an asylum decision, and you are, at least, 18 years of age.  WE CANNOT PROVIDE HOUSING TO YOU PRIOR TO THE APPLICATION AND SCREENING PROCESS.  We have very limited housing for women with children or families.

Employment and Education Program:  Each Monday and Wednesday women and men asylum seekers and asylees can participate in our Employment and Education Program.  Activities include ESL (Beginner to Advanced Level Classes), Resume Writing, Online Application Assistance, Interviewing Skills, Basic Driver Education and Special Guest Speakers. Sessions are held from 10 am - 2 pm and registration is required.

Hospitality Hours: Tuesdays and Thursday women asylum seekers and asylees can enjoy crafting, sewing, computer time, yoga, and personal story writing classes.  Sessions are held from 10am - 2pm and registration is required.

Community: The asylum process is long and lonely. Most of the women have no family in the United States. AWE volunteers become their new family. We stand with them through the long immigration process. We drive them to attorney visits, doctor appointments, and, if they chose, we attend Immigration Court with them.  We provide a network of individuals and service providers that help asylum seekers to begin to rebuild their lives here in Baltimore.  Referrals are made for legal, medical and mental health services.

If you are a service provider or attorney and are seeking housing or services for a client please call 443-850-0627 to discuss our in-take process.